Horizontal Drilling Directional Drilling: Natural Gas Wells

It can rotate the drill bit without rotating the entire length of drill pipe between the bit and the surface. This allows the bit to drill a path that deviates from the orientation of the drill pipe. After the motor is installed, the bit and pipe are lowered back down the well, and the bit drills a path that steers the well bore from vertical to horizontal over a distance of a few hundred feet.

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Exploration Drilling Method: Setup, Operation Procedure

The panner classifies the gold in one, two, and three colors. No. 3 is the finest, and consists of all particles weighing less than 1 Mg No. 2 is gold consisting of all particles weighing between 1 Mg. and 4 Mg. while No. 1 gold is any particle weighing over 4 Mg. The colors are recorded in the log hook.

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Drill Results: Apparent Versus True Thickness Geology

For example, lets say the feature in figure 1 is a gold vein. Drill 1 may have an intersection of 5 g/t of gold over 25 metres, while drill 2 has an intersection of 5 g/t over 17 metres. The grade, which is often reported as grams of gold per tonne of rock (g/t), doesnt change

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Interpreting Drill Results 101 Gold, Precious Metals

If the hole intersects for example, 3 oz per ton of gold over 10 feet, it is very impressive but doesnt give any idea of the amount of total resource of gold present in the system. Why because the drill cut through the vein and we dont know the angle of the dip of the vein, which along with the angle of the hole, and the width of the intersection, we can calculate the true width of the vein.

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Low Grade, Medium Grade and High Grade Mineralization

Company XYZ reports drill results: 50 meters, containing 5 g/t Gold = 250 grammeters As you can see both companies report the same amount of grammeters. In order to determine which project would be the better investment, you need to know about the mining costs , the break even analysis and the metal value , after which you can compare both projects with each other and draw your own conclusions.

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Drill Results for Gold, Precious Metals Explained INN

In gold mining, 10 g/t is a highgrade deposit for gold. 1 g/t is a low grade that shows the area is not very densely populated with gold. But it all depends on the price of gold.

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The Complete Guide To Drilling OilPrice

There are some differences between these based on whether they are used for onshore or offshore drilling, but both onshore and offshore rigs share their main components: a drill bit, a drill

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at the edge of a regular array. The term SPACING denotes the lateral distance on centers between holes in a row. The BURDEN is the distance from a single row to the face of the excavation, or between rows in the usual case where rows are fired in sequence. Chapter 8 BLAST DESIGN (Figure 82) Staggered pattern (Figure 83) Sing

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DrillHole Planning Geology for Investors

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